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Is it a stand-alone device?

Yes, the Emerit© lone worker device can be connected in the GSM 4G, 3G and 2G network with a SIM card into it. It can also be connected on WIFI, and be able to send alarm, even without a SIM Card.

A suscription is it needed?

No. As a lone worker hardware provider, the Emerit© device has a one-shot price. The Emerit© device can send SMS and calls to a list of contact. It can also very easily be connected to an alarm receiving center.

How can the device be located?

The Emerit© Lone worker device have 3 types of location:

  • GPS
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth

Can every SIM card be used?

Yes. You can put every SIM card from the SIM card provider of your choice.

How can I connect it to an alarm receiving server?

The Emerit© lone worker device use the SIA DC 09 IP protocol. The device can send SIA DC 09 with GSM 4G/3G, but also with Wifi only.

What is the battery life of the device?

It will depend of the configuration. The battery life will last at least a large working day or shift. The device can reach more than 24 hours. We recommend regular charging. It can be compared to a mobile phone.

What can I do if there is no GSM signal?

The Emerit© watch is also a Wifi lone worker device. It means that, even without a SIM card. In this case, the watch will be able to make VoIP calls with WIFI. It can also send SIA DC 09 protocol messages.

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