Magneta supports the Team Holeshot Competition for Paris-Dakar 2024

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Magneta supports the Team Holeshot Competition for Paris-Dakar 2024

Magneta, a company specialized in innovative solutions for the safety of professionals exposed to high-risk situations, is proud to support the Team Holeshot Competition for the Paris-Dakar 2024. 

An eco-responsible initiative 

For several years now, Magneta has been stepping up its involvement in initiatives to promote the ecological transition. That’s why we’re supporting the Team Holeshot Competition in its commitment to eco-responsibility. Indeed, the choice of a hybrid truck to take part in the Paris-Dakar Rally is a strong signal in favour of more sustainable mobility. 

The Team Holeshot Competition truck is powered by HydraGEN TM equipment from dynaCERT. This system converts demineralised water into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis. The hydrogen is then injected into the diesel engine, reducing emissions of fine particles and harmful gases (-10% for CO2 and -21% for NOX), as well as fuel consumption (-4 to -8%). 

A committed team 

In addition to its environmental values, the Team Holeshot Competition has decided to take a solidarity-based initiative. Several months ago, the Team Holeshot association decided to collect pens and notebooks for donation to needy schools throughout the race. 

A tough journey 

Dakar 2024 will run from 5 to 19 January. The various stages of the race will be as follows: 

  • Friday 5 January: Alula – Alula  
  • Saturday 6 January: Alula – Al Henakiyah  
  • Sunday 7 January: Al Henakiyah – Al Duwadimi  
  • Monday 8 January: Al Duwadimi – Al Salamiya  
  • Tuesday 9 January: Al Salamiya – Al-Hofuf  
  • Wednesday 10 January: Al-Hofuf – Shubaytah  
  • Thursday 11 and Friday 12 January: Shubaytah – Shubaytah  
  • Saturday 13 January: Riyadh – Rest  
  • Sunday 14 January: Riyadh – Al Duwadimi  
  • Monday 15 January: Al Duwadimi – Hail  
  • Tuesday 16 January: Hail – Al Ula  
  • Wednesday 17 January: Al Ula – Al Ula  
  • Thursday 18 January: Al Ula – Yanbu  
  • Friday 19 January: Yanbu – Yanbu 

New this year: the 48-hour time trial 

Competitors will have to contend with a new event, the 48-hour time trial, which will take place over two days and will see competitors spread out almost autonomously over eight different bivouacs. The race will be particularly demanding for both humans and vehicles. The first week will be marked by increased difficulty, particularly in the Empty Quarter, a particularly hostile desert region. 

Follow the adventures of Team Holeshot Competition 

You can follow the adventures of the Team Holeshot Competition on Facebook and YouTube. The team will be sharing photos, videos, and stories of their race on a regular basis. 

We wish Team Holeshot Competition all the best for this 2024 edition of the Paris-Dakar. 



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